Home » Yanni - Reflections of Passion (Live at Royal Albert Hall 1995)

Duration: 05:58
Published: Oct 8, 2011
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Yanni Live at Royal Albert Hall is an intimate concert presentation which features the majestic Royal Albert Hall organ in performance with Yanni's very own symphony orchestra.\r
Charlie Adams -- drums\r
Karen Briggs -- violin\r
Lynn Davis -- vocals\r
Pedro Eustache -- flutes\r
Ric Fierabracci -- bass\r
Ming Freeman -- keyboards\r
Fran Logan --\r
Daniel de los Reyes -- percussion\r
Armen Anassian -- conductor, violin soloist\r
Clif Foster (first violin, concertmaster)\r
April Aoki (harp)\r
Ray Brown (trumpet, flugelhorn)\r
Desiree Deasy (second violin)\r
Cheryl Foster (oboe)\r
Kerry Hughes (trumpet)\r
Neal Laite (second violin)\r
Ann Lasley (second violin)\r
Gary Lasley (contrabass)\r
Will Logan (first violin)\r
John Krovoza (cello)\r
Julie Metz (first violin)\r
Sarah O'Brien (cello)\r
Cheryl Ongaro (second violin)\r
Delia Park (second violin)\r
Cathy Paynter (viola)\r
Lisa Pribanic (cello)