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Duration: 9:04
Published: Published on Jun 28, 2012
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Tabs and Backing tracks available in www.benjaminlechuga.cl
lmL! : Lick my Lick! Vol. 4:
A solo over F# Mixolydian and E Lydian.

All music written, recorded and performed by Benjamin Lechuga.
Tabs and backing tracks available in www.benjaminlechuga.cl

Benjamin Lechuga uses Ibanez Guitars and Engl amps (e530 pre amp and e840/50 power amp) exclusively.

Video recorded and edited by Josefa Torres:

lmL! : Lick my Lick! Vol. 4:
Un solo usando los modos Mixolidio en F# y Lidio en E.
Toda la música compuesta, grabada y ejecutada por Benjamín Lechhuga.
Benjamin Lechuga usa guitarras Ibanez y amplificadores ENGL exclusivamente.

Video grabado y editado por Josefa Torres: