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Published: Aug 22, 2018
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These people are so incredible that you will not believe they really exist.

-Sampson Berns
Sampson was a brave teenager who suffered from progeria, a disease that accelerates his aging.

-Daniel Saenz
Daniel is a baseball boy like any other, except that he completely sheds the skin of his face every day because he suffers from Netherton syndrome, a disease also known as butterfly skin, due to its extreme delicacy.

-Valeria Lukyanova
We have all heard about the most famous doll in the world and the biotype of a woman that we all dreamed of years ago, well, this Ukrainian model is everything you’d expect when you think about a Barbie.

-Deepak Jangra
This young man is the closest thing to a superhero.

-Abby and Brittany Hensel
And in this place we find two people and not necessarily because it is a tie, rather because they are inseparable.

-Cara Anaya

-Paul karason
The peculiarity of this American is the blue color of his skin, a feature that has made many call him \